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Gundo von den weissen Bergen


Gundo at 18 months old

 2/18/02 – 3/3/06

Gundo was my best friend! I raised him since he was 10 weeks of age. He was my ‘buddy’. He was one of the 2 best dogs I have ever had! He suffered from acute kidney failure and I had to put him down. He is deeply missed by me and my family, as well as everyone that knew him. He possessed impeccable temperament and an incredible work ethic. Thank you my friend!

Lil’ Gundo

lil gundo web

Gundo von den weissen Bergen was a world class black working German Shepherd dog. Gundo was a high drive, hard dog that lived to work and hit narcotics intensely.

Gundo’s father is Gauner vom Silvertbachtal, 7 time SchH III and 2 time FH, and a working California Police Patrol Dog and Explosives Detection Dog. Gauner was imported from Germany.

Gundo’s mother is Sheila von der Emsaue, SchH III, Kkl 1’a’. Sheila was also imported from Germany.


V Ajax vom Piusberg, SchH III, FH, AD, Kkl.1a


Ajax is one of the finest dogs I have ever seen! He is a true representative of the old Kennel Piusberg lines of Hans Voss. I was honored to have a son of Ajax. Wolf (my dog) was a clone of his father across the board – working ability, conformation, structure, type, hardness, intensity, drive, and temperament. He was the best dog I have ever had, and as unfair as it is, I compare all of my subsequent pups and dogs to him. I am afraid that I will never find a dog that good again.

My apologies for the quality of this picture – it was a scan of a 25-30 year old black & white picture I had salvaged. I kept it off of this site until late 2005 when I decided that despite the quality of the picture, the Quality of this magnificent dog must be presented, remembered, and admired.

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