Current Dynamics


We DO NOT give out price quotes through emails for various reasons! So don’t even ask! Please call for a fair price quote.

Due to a dramatic increase in aggressive dogs, we no longer deal with aggression issues!

We receive numerous calls weekly for protection/attack work or competition work; however, we no longer offer these facets of training for a myriad of reasons. So please do not even ask us about these things. Due to the needs locally, we have downsized our training programs and focus on obedience and certain behavioral issues only.  As stated earlier – we are only accepting a limited number of people and dogs per year.  If you are not 100% serious about training, then we are not for you.  Please do not even waste my time. 

Our world class tri-color Collie named Zen, which I bought for my daughter as a pet, is super.  He is one handsome dog; but lacks the intense drive I have had in a couple of my top German Shepherds for obedience. However, Zen has great herding drive and a super nose for tracking and narcotics and is one audacious dog.

Black Op’s Zen at 10 1/2 Weeks of Age

zen lie web

zen web crop

Zen at 4 1/2 Years Old



Zen is one of the best dogs I have ever had. We love him a lot. He is a very special dog! Very Noble looking!

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