Client Comments


My name is Charamagne Myers. My husband and I own a 21 month old Alaskan Malamute named Kenikee. Right now he is 120 pounds and would be a big problem had we not got some obedience training for him when he was young. We called several places that offered classes before we found Norman. We were impressed with the knowledge and experience he had in not only dog training, but also dog behavior. We chose Norman because he offered a one-on-one personal training class for us and our dog. The actual training was a very positive experience for us. When he worked with Kenikee he demonstrated and explained to us everything he was doing. That was important so when we got Kenikee home, WE would be able to train with him on our own and do it correctly. He also worked great with Kenikee and was very positive with him. When correction was needed he did it correctly with a collar. We love our dog very much and would not trust just anyone with him. Norman cares about the dogs he trains and takes great pride in his work. That’s a quality that is getting hard to come by and we wouldn’t go to anyone else for dog training.

Sincerely, Michael and Charamagne Myers

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Dr. Norman Skiba, PhD.

Dr. Skiba has been training dogs utilizing behavioral modification techniques for decades. Furthermore, he utilizes an interactive training regime that includes owner participation at the location where the dog will be domiciled as part of the comprehensive program.

I employed Dr. Skiba to train my German Shepard with the hope of developing a highly motivated and obedient dog. I was pleased that not only did the dog demonstrate a significant improvement in behavior he was also exhibiting a new found ability to learn beyond his previous limitations.

I was very pleased with the gentle, but effective, reward based training that Dr. Skiba has developed. The dog’s ensuing trust will encourage it to quickly establish the desire to please and obey its owner. Dr. Skiba shares my sensibility that dogs should never be subjected to a punishment or depravation-based training.

Clearly, I can and do recommend Dr. Skiba as a successful, professional K-9 trainer whose dedication to the dog and its owner are unequaled.

Dr. E. A. Roper III, ScD.

When my Rottweiler Chewbacca was eight weeks old I started training with Norman. Before any hands-on began, Norman sat down with my wife and I and went over everything he would do and what needed to be done on our part. Norman worked the training around my crazy schedule and stayed longer than the allotted time on more than one occasion to ensure the proper training was done. Norman was always available for all our questions and was a joy to work with. I would recommend K-9 Training to anyone who is interested in having a well trained dog.

Detective Joe Sustek

After a few sessions with Norman none of my friends could believe how much better my dog Chica behaved! When training with Norman, the only limiting factors are how far YOU want to take your dog! His one-on-one approach and quiet training area are unbeatable! I would recommend K-9 Training to all dog owners in this area!

Sgt. Matt McCue

Catahoula Leopard Dog owner

Testimonial for Norman Skiba … Dog Trainer Extrordinaire

I have two dogs, George, who is 5-6 years old and Belle who is 18 mos. old. Neither dog came to us as puppies, so their habits were already established when we got them.

George is a big dog, and is very strong … I have not been able to walk him for several years because I couldn’t hold him if another dog came into his range! He is a loving dog, and eager to please … but on his terms.

Belle, being a young dog, and having been dumped, then raised with 3 other dogs who were undisciplined for 3 months before I took her … was wild. Very sweet, very loving, but wild. She jumped on me every time I went out the back door … and on anyone else in range. She wanted attention and that is one way she made sure she got it. She also digs holes … lots of holes.

It was after going out one morning in December and finding a trench and numerous holes I was at the end of my rope. I was seriously thinking of taking her to the vet and if they couldn’t do something with her feet to keep her from digging, I was going to have her put to sleep. As I filled in holes, I prayed.

When I got into the house, I went to the yellow pages and looked up dog trainers. My eyes fell on K-9 Obedience Training. My prayer had been answered! I called Norman, in tears, and we talked for quite awhile. He gave me lots of tips on how I might be able to solve the problem, never did he push for me to have him come out … he gave me as much information as he could. I asked him about obedience training, and set up a time for him to come out to evaluate the dogs.

I could see an improvement after the first short session. I went out later and tried it on my own, and did too much correcting with George … he got despondent, couldn’t figure out why I was being so “cruel” to him. I called Norman, ready to take George out of training … again, a long talk, full of information and encouragement! George injured himself the next day and went for a few days without training, but went back into it next session, and has done well. He has probably caused Norman more than a few days of puzzling over how to overcome his stubbornness.

Each time I ran into a problem with either dog, Norman would come up with a way to solve it. Taking the dogs to higher degrees of obedience. The dogs always did better after Norman was here … they knew he meant business … so when I told them to do it, they figured I must mean business, too.

Norman loves dogs, is very knowledgeable, knows dogs instincts, behavior characteristics, studies their temperament on an individual basis and monitors progress each time he comes. He teaches you, the owner how to train your dog … after all, it is you who will be living with, and controlling your dog after he is finished with the training. It takes awhile to get it all together, for both you and the dog … but it clicks, and then the result is so rewarding! My dogs love to see me coming with the collar and lead! And now, I can take them out on the street to walk … and they will sit and heel, etc … it isn’t perfect yet … that will take time … but what an improvement!

It was some of the best money I have ever spent … not only are my dogs behaving better, but I have learned a skill I can use the rest of my life. I will miss the training sessions and the advice, but I will certainly enjoy life with my much better behaving dogs!

Thank you Norman!

Kathryn L. Nesbitt

October 1, 2001

Dr. Skiba,

When my wife and I discussed having a Rottweiler puppy both of us understood the responsibility. We talked to several K-9 police from Clarksville and Nashville. One name kept coming up again and again, Norman Skiba.

We just wanted to express our gratitude for the training of our Rottweiler. Personalized one-on-one training was very focused. By having these focused training’s our dog received 100% of your professional time. The formal sessions were as much a learning experience for us as they were to our Rottie. Leaming the proper way to handle a large breed has made our dog a true blessing and not a burden. Our dog is now only 20 weeks old and not only responds to our commands but also by hand signals. During the sessions you handled our dog very professionally and expressed a genuine concern for its well being, keeping the safety of our dog paramount. Thank you for your time and professional guidance and advice.

You are a true professional dog trainer. Without any reservation, we will recommend you as a trainer to anyone seeking dog training.


James O’Bryant

K-9 TRAINING has taught me the skills to train in an effective manner with better results. I would not have gotten this individualized attention and had my specific needs met with one of those “cookie cutter” type of classes. I’m pleased with the results and my pet is a much happier family member now because of the training she received.

Christina C.

November 17, 2001

I called Norman Skiba of ‘K-9 TRAINING’ as a last ditch effort to train my chocolate lab/mix “Socrates”. Our dog was adopted from a safe shelter and had one previous owner. Socrates’ problem was that he would only listen to commands from us in the house. Once he got outside, he’d run away and stay away until he “got ready” to come home. He always did come home too, after getting into trash, visiting all the neighbor’s dogs, chasing cats, and barking his head off. Even in the fenced-in backyard, Socrates wouldn’t respond to commands. He’d often make us come out and chase him back inside the house. We also couldn’t leave him outside in the fenced yard more than 5 minutes unsupervised because he literally would climb the chain link fence and escape. After receiving the very first lesson from Norman at K-9 TRAINING, my son and I could see a noticeable difference in the dog’s demeanor. Socrates had no choice but to sit up and take notice to us because Norman showed us how to express to the dog that we meant business! By the 5th lesson Norman was actually able to drop the lead and call Socrates to him from several feet (50-75′) away without the dog running away! Socrates also comes in immediately from the backyard when we call him, no more running after him “begging” him to come in. Our dog is now anxious to please us.

Throughout every lesson, Norman answered every possible question we had, often spent extra time with us, evaluating the techniques we used with Socrates, and he was totally professional the entire time.

My son and I consider “K-9 TRAINING” a worthwhile experience. Thanks to the expertise of Norman Skiba, Socrates is still a part of our family.


Renee Biala

Hi Norman,

I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your training. Laila, my boxer, turned out great! She listens well and is easy to control thanks to you! When Laila was just a little pup, I was determined to have a well-trained obedient dog and had expressed my desires to my veterinarian. She recommended you and gave me your card. After first talking with you, I knew you were exactly what I was searching for. The mass dog classes I had attended before, with my previous dogs, had been a joke. My dog was too busy playing with new “friends” instead of listening to me. Needless to say, they were not successful. The one-on-one training you gave me with Laila was invaluable. I now recommend you to strangers who comment on how well-behaved Laila is!! I just wanted to say Thank You!! You are THE best dog trainer in the area (believe me I have looked)!! Take care and I wish you the best of luck with your business and future clients. I hope they will be as happy and satisfied with your work as I am! You’re THE BEST!!


De and Laila Davis

Our dog, Sebastian, was almost a year old when we acquired him from an acquaintance whose schedule no longer allowed for time to keep and care for a dog. Sebastian is a dog of uncertain breed, but may be a Catahoula. Within a few weeks, it became apparent that Sebastian’s wild behaviors might not allow us to keep him. Frantically, I began to search for a trainer. When I first contacted Dr. Norman Skiba, he immediately provided me with some guidelines as to what I could do to help the situation even before training began the next week. Dr. Skiba provided us not only with training for Sebastian and me, but with a broad education about dogs in general. He carefully explained every step of the program. He was unfailingly patient and gracious, providing extra time to make sure that I understood. Even though Sebastian and I have “graduated”, Dr. Skiba has assured me that he will be available for help if needed and to answer any questions I might have. Dr. Skiba’s extensive knowledge of dogs and their behaviors is remarkable. His training program has been extremely successful. Sebastian is now a dog that I am “not ashamed to take out in public”. I would and do recommend Dr. Skiba to any owner who wishes and desires to have their dog trained.

June R. Stratton

Clarksville, TN

A few months ago, I rescued a dog dumped in a training area on post. She was wild and high-spirited and stubborn and only listened to my husband. When he deployed I was at wits end with her digging up the yard, chewing up the house and antagonizing our other dogs. After ten weeks of training, I enjoy having her around and she respects me. She no longer runs off and acts uncontrollably, and most importantly, she views me as the “alpha” of our “pack.” My neighbors can’t believe she is the same dog. Norm uses a no-nonsense but fair approach to dog training, teaching not only the dog but also the owner. I have learned to watch her behavior more closely and can better identify the problems to work on and now know how to deal with them in training. The experience was invaluable, and the cost was extremely reasonable. I would recommend K-9 TRAINING to anyone without hesitation.

Priscilla Brown Jamora

December 14, 2002

My name is Katie Torbus and my husband and I own a 10-month-old chocolate lab named Remington. We’ve had him since he was only 5 weeks old and I only wish I had known about Norman then. Remington was so tiny and cute when he came home, but he quickly turned into a huge and obnoxious burden. He seemed to think he was in control and wouldn’t listen to anything we said. I got to the point I just couldn’t handle him anymore and was about to go crazy. I searched around for the right trainer in Clarksville and Nashville, and finally came across Norman. I knew he was what we needed as soon as I talked to him over the phone. His knowledge and skills of the canine species is astonishing.

I’ve tried the Pet Smart method of training in the past, and it was a big joke and waste of money. With Norman I could tell he really wanted to help us have a better-trained dog. He’s definitely not in it for the money. He gave us so much effort and time. Had I gone to anyone else I would have spent a fortune and not even gotten the training I needed. I could see a big improvement with Remi after just a few sessions. Norman definitely has a way with dogs and I would recommend him to anyone that needs help with their dogs. Not only does this one-on-one training help your dog, but it also teaches you. My husband and I are very grateful to Norman and are very happy that we now have the knowledge we need to further train our dog.

Katie Torbus

Outstanding results!

After the very first session I noticed a new “connection” with my dog. The results were amazing. My dog is an 8 month rambunctious Doberman. After the first couple of lessons I had control over my dog that just never existed before.

Norman is a subject matter expert in the dog training field. I strongly recommend Norman’s training.

Jeff Shaw – Apache ‘Chopper’ Commander

t’s hard to describe how much Norman did for us. We inherited a Rottweiler that spent the first six months of her life in a fraternity house. As time passed, our dog became more and more stubborn and showed some signs of aggression. On a local (K-9) law enforcement officer’s recommendation, we called Norman. Through his instruction and observation, we learned how our pet was imposing her will upon us and how important it was that we remained in control. At the end of the very first training session, Norman had our dog responding to training. Amazingly, our dog enjoyed the opportunity to train and perform. Although the formal training is complete, we still work with our dog and she loves to see the training collar and leash.

Jack Bartol – Apache Instructor

My name is Rebecca Boone.  I started training my German Shepard, Dakota, with Norman when she was 17 weeks old.  On the first day he noticed that she was little on the submissive side.  He told me I would need to work with her in a gentle but stern way to make her more confident dog.  After the first week I noticed changes in her.  Along the way Norman has been very knowledgeable.  He explained things so I could understand them.  He even took extra time on a few occasions making sure I was comfortable with what I was doing before I left.  I’ve always wanted a dog that would sit, stay and come. But working with Norman we have accomplished more than the basics in the ten week session. With the one-on-one sessions his full attention was on my dog and me, we didn’t have any other distractions.  I have learned how to do more things with her than I had ever thought was possible and he made it very enjoyable. I have a more confident German Shepard and a dog I’m proud to have out in public.  I would highly recommend Norman to anybody.  I wish I had found about him sooner.  Thanks for all your hard work Norman, I really do appreciate it. 


Rebecca Boone

I was at a loss when it was time for me to find an obedience class for my new and first puppy which was a 10 week old border collie. I went to our K-9 officer and Norman Skiba’s name was given to me. I called Norman and set up an appointment. Every aspect of the training program was explained to me from day one by Norman. His classes are not set up to see how many people he can get through. They were tailored to my specific needs. Every session was a new adventure that I would always look forward to. I really gained confidence in my abilities with what I could do with my dog. I am going to continue taking classes beyond the 10 sessions allotted for the basic program to continue to grow with my dog. I enjoyed them that much. Norman Skiba comes with a high recommendation from me if you want to really learn the aspects of training with your dog.

Officer Mike W. Tanner

Clarksville Police Dept.

I brought my 16-month-old Great Dane to Norman in desperation. We acquired her at 8 months of age from a puppy mill that has since been shut down. We believe she’d been neglected and possibly abused by the breeders. She had no socialization, no housebreaking, and no leash training at all when we got her, and we lacked the knowledge to provide the training and exposure she needed. We waited too long to do anything about it and made matters worse by enrolling in a basic obedience class at a large pet store that proved to be useless to us and terrifying to her. She has many psychological issues which have resulted from her “bad childhood” and which have become a very large problem as she’s grown to full size. When I took her to see Norman, she was terrified of all strange people to the point of aggressive behavior. She had recently bitten our vet when 3 of us had to hold her down to get her nails clipped – clearly a problem that our 8-week obedience course at Petsmart didn’t come close to solving. We began to consider putting her down before she became more dangerous. Norman explained very clearly how her lack of socialization and other issues would interfere with her normal development and training, but took us on at a very reasonable rate anyway. He helped us improve her physical and mental health with improved feeding and care suggestions – she looks and feels great! His training went far beyond just training and more into the realm of canine psychology. He modified his program to accomodate her unique needs and difficulties – it was not a one-size-fits-all approach, but one that was designed just for us. His great talent for adjusting to fit the situation could never be matched by less qualified trainers and programs. In just 10 sessions, she went from being completely fearful and clingy to confident and obedient. Her new confidence shows in all areas – visitors to our home comment that she can’t possibly be the same dog, as she now comes to greet our guests rather than growling and cowering as she once did. The training and handling skills I gained have helped me keep control of her in difficult situations so that we can safely enjoy her more as a part of our family. Training was sometimes difficult for me and required a committment, but Norman knows how to motivate and teach humans as well. Norman has helped us understand why she is the way she is and how we can be better leaders to help her adjust to life in our world. Norman’s one-on-one, individualized approach was tailored specifically to me and my dog – priceless in my situation. I believe we could never have achieved such success with other obedience training programs. In dog training, you get what you pay for and Norman is worth double what he charged me for his expert advice and training. We couldn’t be happier with what we and our dog have learned, and her quality of life has improved so much we can’t imagine it any other way.

Thanks again for all your help with Bob – I know she was an interesting case and I can’t believe how successful your training program has been – I think I learned more than she did! If you ever need to provide references, I’d be happy to recommend you. Bryan and I are both so happy with Bob’s new confidence and are having fun coaching each other as best we can.

Wendy Morgan


From the first day of training we saw a difference in our year old black lab. We weren’t sure of the lifestyle this dog had before he came into our home, but it obviously didn’t have any structure. The dog was and still is a knucklehead. However, this loving dog has now been given a proper training regimen that gives him a chance to enjoy being around people. My wife and I are thrilled to discover that we can train this dog now to listen to the commands and read our hand signals and body language. All of this made possible by your training technique and patience with us. Again, thank you for your professional and patient training. We would recommend anyone with a desire to learn how to work with a dog’s ability to learn to contact you.


Candan & Dan Gardner

Goodlettsville, TN

My name is David Bradley and I own a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel named Sassi. She had developed some bad habits and needed obedience training. I found Norman Skiba listed in the yellow pages and followed up with his website. I called and had a long conversation with him and was very impressed with his knowledge about dog behavior. I selected him because he offered a one-on-one personal training class. Not only did he work with Sassi but he taught me what I had to know to handle Sassi on my own. Norman cares about the dogs he trains and takes pride in his work. I was very pleased with the results and would highly recommend him to any one needing help with their dog. My only regret is that I did not know about him when Sassi was much younger.


David Bradley

I am a single parent with a 17 year old son that is about to go away to college next year. I was feeling a bit of “empty nest” syndrome and decided I needed a dog. I have always had Labs, but this time I thought I’d try something different and I bought a little Rottweiler. Let me start by saying that these dogs are not anything like the Labs I have had. Winston was about 6 weeks old when I got him and he had way too much energy, and a nasty little habit of wanting to bite anything that passed in front of his mouth, with my arm being his favorite chew toy. At 8 weeks old I called Norman on the advice of a friend who had seen his website. The first day there was terrible. Winston had no intention of anyone having control over him. Norman gently but firmly established that the trainer and the owner set the rules. There were many days when Winston tried to get control again, and I even considered giving him to a friend because he is way more dog than I anticipated. However, using the techniques that Norman showed me, I am happy to say that I have a well-behaved puppy that I feel okay to take anywhere. Winston is almost 5 months old and is the sweetest dog I have ever had. He weighs almost 60 pounds now, but still thinks he can fit into the same space that any of the 3 cats go when he is chasing after them during play-time. I truly love my dog, and have much gratitude to Norman for helping me gain control and making Winston a well-behaved puppy.

I would recommend him to anyone!

JoAnn Hicks

Norman Skiba changed my dog’s life—and my family life—for the better.

  My name is Sandy Britt, and because I work with local animal-rescue organizations, all of my dogs came from shelters or were strays I picked up off the street. I already had three dogs when Scooter, a male golden retriever/shepherd mix, joined us. A friend had adopted him from a shelter to be a companion for her female golden mix, and while the dogs got along well, Scooter literally tore up her house while she was at work. Since I worked from home, I agreed to take Scooter instead of returning him to the shelter. While I was able to stop him from chewing what he wasn’t supposed to, I wasn’t able to effectively deal with his basic personality. Scooter is the type of dog people often give up to shelters because they don’t train them correctly or understand their needs. He is high-energy, smart and easily bored if not given a chance to work, focus and enjoy proper exercise and socialization.

Scooter was basically a good dog, but as time went on, he became very dominant and bossy, the quintessential “Alpha Dog” of the pack. By the age of 3 1/2, he was fine with my female dogs, but with my one other male, Peanut, a hound mix who had been abused and was very submissive, Scooter’s dominance escalated. He became the school-yard bully picking on the weakling: stealing his toys, lunging at him when he tried to join us on the bed, pushing in front of him on the way out the door, etc. This caused great tension in our house (and a few dog fights) and made Peanut even more fearful, which was unfair to him.

Then I heard about Norman from a mutual acquaintance and enrolled Scooter in Norman’s 10-session program. Right from the start Scooter was a “new man.” He learned he wasn’t the Alpha of our pack. He also learned how to walk like a dream on a leash and the commands sit, stay, down, heel, come, along with the advanced commands and hand signals.

Scooter will always be the Beta dog of the pack, but he no longer menaces Peanut and is a much happier, well-behaved dog. Peanut is no longer afraid to walk by him or jump on the bed if Scooter is there first. As long as I make sure Scooter gets enough exercise and we keep reinforcing all the things he learned, my family will continue to enjoy our newfound peace.

Anyone who is serious about having a well-trained dog and is willing to do the things Norman instructs as far as practice, etc. will be pleased with the results. Dogs respond to him, like him and respect him and it is clear he is an expert in the field of dog behavior and training. The cost of training is not high considering the end result, because the old adage is true—you do get what you pay for.

Sandy Britt

Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee

(Norman, I attached the letter, and as well, copied and pasted it on the email just to insure you had no problem getting it. Thank you so much. Was an awesome experience.


After long consideration, and manipulating my wife somewhat, our family decided it was time to get a dog to become part of our family. There was one stipulation my wife made very clear at the time we were deciding on a pet; the dog must be trained. We had several dogs in the past, none of which were the least bit trained. We had already performed numerous training sessions in the past with places like Petsmart, read a few books, and tried everything ourselves. By using these quick, inexpensive, easy, foo-foo training people and places in the past, all we became was frustrated, and all our dog became was worse, capable maybe of doing a few tricks, but mostly behaving when they felt like it. This, my wife was clear on, was not going to happen again. She was clear, we would need to be willing to spend money to have a professional trainer help us in training our dog. We debated on whether to use a trainer we sent the dog to, or one that trained with us. We both feared we would not be able to control the dog if we sent it away, and felt more comfortable being a part of the training. That is when we found Norman.

We scheduled our first set of training sessions with him, which I might add, he made very convenient around our schedule. Our first day came, we arrived, and from that day forward, our dog Abby has progressively become a major part of our family. Norman began by taking full control of Abby, showing us properly how to use the choker chain, and going over his philosophy on dogs, training, and their role in the family. He was clear on his techniques, and began the training by showing Abby she is no longer the Alpha.

Over the next two and a half months, Abby and I sweated, worked together, and trained, all the time with Norman’s guidance, suggestions, and help. I watched Abby transform into a true pal who enjoyed pleasing me, and I enjoyed being with, while continually building a trust between each other. She learned all of the basic commands including sit, stay, heel, down, scoot to heel, and come. But more than what she learned through this interaction with Norman was just how much I had learned about my own dog, and about myself. I learned how to communicate with Abby, how to train her, and how to control her in every situation. This, as I stated before, was the backbone of Norman’s philosophy. Training the dog is the easy part. Training the owner can be much more work.

Now I feel completely comfortable taking Abby with me anywhere. With a word, she behaves. With the touch of the leash, she knows. We are communicating with each other, knowing what each expect. When my family meets anyone with a dog, most of which are untrained, I recommend they call up Norman and get THAT dog under control. They are always amazed at Abby’s behavior, and continually doubt that she is a true blooded Cocker-Spaniel, since many of these road side experts know in their heart a true Cocker is uncontrollable, overly active, and do not behave like my dog. HA! It was a true pleasure working with Norman, and I plan to use him in the future for more advanced training with Abby.

James Dockins

Clarksville, TN

Proud Owner of a well behaved Cocker-Spaniel


Thanks for everything!

Eric and Jen

My wife and I have a 16 month old German Shepherd named Scout. While I was deployed to Iraq my wife had her hands full with him and his rowdiness. The treat based Petstore training we had gotten for him wore off quickly because if he didn’t like the treat he wouldn’t do anything. We went to Norman and we immediately saw a change in Scout.  Norman introduced us to very effective, praise based training techniques and collars, and this in turn modified Scout’s behavior.  He would actually listen when we told him to get off the couch or stay out of the kitchen to the point where he stopped doing it altogether. Scout was extremely stubborn going into training, but Norman was great at figuring out how to work through it and even went over time on our first session by 2 hours! Norman even went so far as to call us at home a couple times to see if there were any issues. Our only regret is not getting Scout to Norman sooner! I would recommend Mr. Skiba to anyone who has behavior issues with their dog or anyone who just wants quality training. It’s strengthened our bond with Scout since we’re not mad at him all the time for not listening!

CPT Eric Kreitz and Jennifer

Clarksville, Tennessee has a real “dog whisperer” – who has changed my life from heartbreak into happiness! Norman Skiba is an amazing dog trainer! He works miracles!

I had given Toby, my adorable Pomeranian puppy, love but no discipline. Before his first birthday, he had become unruly and unpopular! His loud barking prevented me from having a human conversation. When we met anyone while walking, I could only pull him away and mouth the words “I’m sorry”. Friends and relatives who had loved him stopped coming over. He had torn up everything he could reach – books, eyeglasses, clothes, pens – all destroyed in an instant! The rugs were covered with spots from “accidents”. We were both miserable.

I had taken Toby to puppy obedience school at Petsmart and then for a series of private lessons there. Things only got worse.

A pet consultant came to the house and said that either I should change completely or Toby should be found a firmer home before he bit somebody! I was heartbroken because I didn’t know how to change.

That very day, I heard about Norman Skiba’s K-9 TRAINING. After talking with Norman, I had hope. Norman was clearly competent, confident and a master at relating to both dogs and people. He said that he could help us if I did exactly as he said. Norman is a great teacher, and Toby and I learned a tremendous amount at every lesson. Norman was generous with both his time and his advice. He was patient and kind – but very strict with us at the same time. We needed strictness!

I could not believe that I left the very first lesson with a calm and quiet dog in the car! We stopped at a drive-up window, and he was complimented on his behavior. Complimented!

Now, Toby is beautifully-behaved in every way. Friends and relatives not only visit; they invite both of us into their homes. I am proud to take him to the park and into pet stores. He no longer disrupts the whole shop when he goes for grooming. Several people insist that Norman must have switched dogs when my back was turned, substituting an angel for bad Toby.

Toby and I are so happy together now. I will be forever grateful to K-9 TRAINING!

Betty Ritter

Norman is an excellent trainer.  Not only does he train the dog but he trains the owner….which I learned is harder than training the dog! When my husband left for Iraq and I was back home with our four month old black lab and I was completely at a loss.  Norman literally saved the day, he had a great deal of patience with me and Mia (the dog).  We purchased twenty sessions with Norman and Mia is absolutely fabulous and I attribute that to Norman and his training.  If you are thinking about training your dog, I highly recommend Norman.  He is knowledgeable and will take the time needed to help you and the dog.  I am certain you will not find anyone better than Norman here or elsewhere. 

 Sunny Alexander

I ‘discovered’ Norman in total desperation, and I can only say it was God who directed me to him. If anyone is familiar with Jack Russell Terriers, then you understand that they are NOT passive, submissive animals. My former veterinarian (in Connecticut) once jokingly(?) told me that Jacks are “the embodiment of Original Sin.” Now you know!

Bitsy was a young (8-10 months) Jack Russell Terrier rescued from a puppy mill. She had spent her entire young life in a cage, so when she was set free, all the ‘puppy’ pent-up energy, along with her breed’s natural excessive energy came gushing out. She was ‘on the move’ 24/7 – literally bouncing off the proverbial walls, and completely unresponsive and totally indifferent to any sort of discipline, much less training. After 4 weeks of trying to control her, we were on the verge of having to return her to the shelter, which was breaking my heart. Then I found Norman’s information in the phone book, went to his website and thought I would be disappointed yet once again, because all the testimonials and pictures were of magnificent German Shepherds, Collies, Labs and… FINALLY someone had a small dog that Norman had worked with and trained. Off went my email and he called that afternoon. Blessedly, he had time that very day and when Bitsy and I returned home, she was a CHANGED dog! And that was just Day 1/Session 1. She continued to improve over the next 9 sessions (as did MY training). Today, Bitsy is a well-adjusted dog (she is still high spirited and energetic), which is to say that Norman’s training technique does not break a dog’s spirit. He not only appreciates each breed, he works with the natural abilities of the dog to eliminate the bad, and reinforce the good behavior and natural instincts so that the dog is well adjusted. Norman’s mantra might well be: a well adjusted dog is a happy dog – and nothing could be more true with Bitsy!

With our continued reinforcement of what we learned through Norman’s patience and outstanding approach to dog behavior and training, she continues to improve. One thing (among many) that I learned is NOT to stop reinforcing the training! It is true, that just as with a child training never stops, even more so with a dog – at least you can ‘reason’ with a human. As with a child, a dog will try to get away with anything, but if you allow the bad behavior once, just like a child, there will be ‘temper tantrums’ when you try to have them do it correctly next time… Do not slack off; do not become ‘sloppy’ in the training; do not accept ‘second-best’ – always expect the dog to respond correctly, and rectify anything that is less than what is expected so that the dog consistently knows that correct behavior is expected and rewarded.

The other Jack Russell in our family is delighted with the training! She was tormenting him with her pent-up energy and total lack of control. Now she ‘listens’; she responds to commands; she is a delight to take on walks. And the 2 dogs play together both indoors and out. AND: we continue to work on all aspects of the training. My husband says that the difference in her is truly a miracle. The people at the Rescue shelter are amazed – they have had numerous Jacks, none of whom was ever disciplined and so now they know there is hope for these wonderful, intelligent dogs.

I can only say, Thank you, Norman, for giving us a wonderful pup who deserves a good life. You are The Best!

Sue Dishongh

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