Advantages Of Our Training


The advantages of our private training as opposed to the class/group training available elsewhere:

We customize our training for each owner/handler and dog. We do not generalize it for the masses. Because of this, we can take your dog much farther than any other training class can.

By training privately, we give you and your dog all of our time and do not have to spread out the contact time amongst 10 other people and dogs. Again, we can take you farther along in the training process because of this facet.

Also, by training individually, your dog has a fair and positive chance at learning within a distraction-free environment. How can you expect a dog to learn and to focus on you and the command/task at hand if there are 5-10 other puppies or dogs in the same room while you are trying to train? Distractions are crucial and necessary once the pup or dog has learned and begun to understand the various commands. But to have all of these pups/dogs playing, fighting, barking, etc. going on at the crucial beginning stages of training only leads to failure and a negative learning environment and experience. One must then come down hard on the dog or else let the dog be wild and do a half-baked training session. In addition, you have the various people chit-chatting away and disrupting the class. That is not very desirable.

Working privately, you and your dog are not put on hold while the other people and dogs catch up to you. Also – when people miss classes, it goofs up the whole scenario and either sets the class back while they must be brought up to speed or else they get private training for their missing a class while you get the mass education. We believe that is unfair!

We Do Not Use Food! With our training the dog works for ‘praise’. There is that rare dog with brain damage or severe behavioral problems where we may try this particular element, but it is only one possible alternative within a myriad of stimuli that we may use. I sincerely believe that the dog should work for you for the love and praise, and the respect, and the relationship that you bring to one another, as well as the love of work; and not whether or not you have food. There are many cases where the dog is so picky that each time the owner must satisfy the dog’s needs and palate with a variety of treats that fits the dog’s mood and whims. The dog has trained the human. There are also many dogs that will not do anything if food is not present and the dog has not passed inspection on the particular food substance, and to me that is totally ridiculous. My dogs work for me wherever I go because of this positive relationship. I do not have to carry a bunch of food around rotting in my pocket just so I can get the dog to work for me.

We train outside – in the fresh air, on the grass; and not in a small confined over-crowded room with slippery floors where the dogs and puppies cannot even walk on! Also – think of a bunch of dogs barking in a small room echoing all over – what a headache! I find that when training individually, barking never seems to be a problem, other than doing protection work where the dog is doing a watch/pass auf or a hold-and-bark!

It is a fact that we get more done with your dog in 5 sessions than what other trainers do in 10 and even 15 sessions. What we do in the 10 session package, is really quite advanced and remarkable! We have a very high standard and concept of what an obedient dog is and what basic training should consist of. (Note: We make this statement with no hype and ego involved. This information was gathered from numerous clients who have gone to other trainers and paid a wide range of money, only to be very unhappy with the training method, the minimal results, and out of frustration and commitment/dedication to train their dog, have come to us for help and to start over again the right way – to get the job done!)

You may try to save money by going somewhere else; however, as the above statement shows, you end up not having a well-trained dog and settling for that; or you end up spending more money and come to us to get the job done. Ultimately it will cost you more than if you were to do it right the first time! We are pleased to be able to state that we have a 99% success rate and a 98% customer/client satisfaction rate.

It may cost you a bit more training with K-9 TRAINING; but our methods work. We will help you to train your dog efficiently, thoroughly, and as cost-effectively as possible. In the long run – we’re less expensive! Remember – you get what you pay for!

If you breakdown the cost of our training over the period of the dog’s life, it is a very basic investment that lasts for the life of your dog. Think of all the money you spend in a year for veterinary bills, food, flea-tick-heartworm medication, and all of the little extras. We are very reasonable in relation to these larger expenses.

We give you customized training which deals with a myriad of training methodologies to aid in the training and resolution of behavior problems; not the ‘generic’ one-dimensional ‘our way/one way’ corporate method. We work for the ‘total’ dog.

This is my business, and honesty and integrity are crucial to my philosophy. In other situations, people work for the bigger and colder ‘corporate machine’. With K-9 TRAINING you get ‘Quality’ training versus ‘mass training’.

We care about you, your family, and your dog. Our success speaks for itself. In one respect, our ‘stamp’ is on both, you and your dog. In addition, many of our clients have become friends because of our caring, intensity, and passion for training.

Our training field is a large beautifully landscaped area with evergreen trees and a rural feel.

We are currently servicing all of Tennessee and southern Kentucky. We have people come in from Knoxville, Chattanooga, Loudon, Smithville, Nashville, Brentwood, Paris Landing, Dickson and Houston County (TN) to name a few, as well as Hopkinsville and Paducah in Kentucky, and also Mississippi and Alabama. (See the following page for Client Comments.)

We are pleased and honored to say that K-9 TRAINING comes highly recommended by numerous veterinarians and law enforcement individuals – local and federal.

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