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K-9 TRAINING is owned and operated by Norman Skiba. With over 47 years experience in dog training and behavioral problems within a variety contexts, K-9 TRAINING provides Quality one-on-one training and service to all of our clients. We specialize in basic and advanced obedience and behavior problems. Utilizing this widespread experience in various training scenarios, Norman has developed a truly unique obedience training program geared specifically toward the civilian dog integrating the best of competition and law enforcement methodologies. These programs are without a doubt, the most comprehensive training packages available in the area and are a cut above the rest in regard to the ‘basic’ and ‘general’ training in both, obedience and behavioral issues. We cater extensively to the military and civilian community.

Norman has successfully trained thousands of dogs and raised over 30 pups. This experience enables us to offer a comprehensive training program that can be tailored to your needs. In addition, we offer a variety of package and custom programs in obedience, as well as maintenance programs.

We currently are only accepting a limited number of people and dogs per year.  If you are not 100% serious about training, and looking for the foo-foo here’s a treat pet store training – then we are not for you.  Please do not even waste my time.  We survive because of our ‘passion’ for training and expertise; and not by selling bulk foods and training equipment with a training class thrown in here and there.

In addition, K-9 TRAINING does not recommend breeders for a myriad of reasons.

Our Training Programs

At K-9 Training we use a variety of methodologies to train your dog. Each dog and owner/handler are unique and individual, and training involves customizing the method to the dog, owner/handler, and the task at hand. Our training also includes a 24 hour-a-day holistic training. This involves both, the ‘formal’ training sessions that take place a few times a day, and what I call the ‘informal’ training that occurs throughout the rest of the day. This training constantly nurtures and guides the pup or dog into the desired and required behavior and task, enabling the dog to achieve its fullest potential while developing and enhancing its personality.

K-9 TRAINING offers a very comprehensive basic obedience training package consisting of 10 training sessions and covers the basic heel, sit, stay, down, come, release, scoot up to heel, recall, finish, and hand signals, plus incorporates the previously mentioned commands into a variety of basic and intermediate routines, making the dog a more highly trained and focused dog. These routines can last from 25 minutes to 45 minutes in length. In addition, we also offer more extended advanced customized training packages. Please note that we no longer do any protection training!

In today’s society where dog bites and the resultant lawsuits occur on a daily basis, the obedient, controlled, and well-mannered dog is an asset as opposed to a liability. It is here where K-9 TRAINING’s obedience program can be of service to you and your dog. I am very serious at what I do and what I offer, and I do not have time to play games with people or dogs. If you want the absolute best training and behavioral work done with your dog, then we are the place to go. We do not offer generic watered-down pet store training. We work for the success of your dog, right from the start.

At K-9 TRAINING the safety of your dog is paramount, and we use only the finest and newest training equipment available. This enables the safe working of your dog. In 47 years, we have never hurt any dog while training – Fact! We have actually kicked-out about 5 people from here for wanting to or actually hurting their dog. I am very strict; but always fair. Our methods are very humane, efficient, and cogent for you, and the dog. We are highly recommended by law enforcement, military, and veterinarians.

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